Membership Info

  • Per Company (Head Office) fee: R970 p.a.
  • Additional Branch Office fee: R882 p.a./branch 
  • Per additional Professional Planner: R485 p.a./branch
  • Per additional Planning Technician: R331 p.a./technician 

Bank Account details:

Association of Town and Regional Planners, Standard Bank, Thaibault Square, Branch no. 020909, Account no. 27 091 6644

Please email proof of payment to the following address:

Membership Benefits

Membership of the SAACPP gives you access to the following benefits:

  • access to portfolio committee reports and latest feedback from meetings;
  • access to committee minutes;
  • certificate of membership, also beneficial for tendering purposes;
  • notification and participation in workshops and discussions on topical matters;
  • free listing for your practice on the SAACPP online website directory and the Professions & Projects Register
  • access to professional network, including forums and committees, events, twitter announcements.

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Please note that when calculating fees, the following apply:

- The fee per Company is always payable.
- Where firms have more than one office, the first must be identified as the “Head Office” and the others as “Branch Offices”.
- Where a firm employs two or more planners, the first planner is discounted and the applicable per planner or technician fee is then applied to all remaining planners and technicians.
- As the first planner employed by a firm is not taken into account when calculating fees, 1-planner firms only pay the Company (Head Office) fee.